Family Château Tax Planning

We are just now introducing Family Château Tax Planning, the biggest tax planning breakthrough in the last 25 years. This new planning technique becomes the Crown Jewel of all Tax Planning and Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Planning.

Simply put, this Plan combines several already well established IRS approved Tax Planning Techniques in a unique Combination that results in the most incredible, and financially beneficial Tax Plan and Family Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Plan that

Some of the unique Benefits and Characteristics of this planning include:

  1. Receive an Unlimited amount of Income Tax Deductions, usable up to 50% of your annual AGI starting this year, and then every year for the rest of your lifetime.
  2. Eliminate all Capital Gains Taxation on the sale Stock, Real Estate, Family Business Interest, or Other Property, no matter how large the gains might be.
  3. Eliminate all Estate Taxes on estate values ranging from $10 Million to $10 Billion.
  4. This Family Chateau Tax Planning becomes the Best Intergenerational Wealth Transfer Plan imaginable.  This new planing strategy allows you to transfer 100% of your estate values, or more, to the next generation.
  5. Have an off-the-grid, fortified, “Family Compound or Château” (mostly paid for with tax savings) that will be totally Self Reliant, Self Sufficient, and Self Sustaining.
  6. Your Chateau becomes a 100% Tax Sheltered “Island” or “Country” within the boundaries of the United States. It becomes a legitimate and IRS approved Tax Haven.
  7. Your Family Chateau Structure can be as Simple as a Cabin or as Big as you would like it to be, depending on your Financial Circumstances.
  8. Your Chateau will have its own Power Source, Water Source, Food Production, and a 10-Year Food Supply.
  9. Your Chateau becomes a Family Get-a-Way and Safe-Haven that becomes invaluable in the event of a severe natural or man-made disaster or catastrophe – such as a nuclear or EMP (electromagnetic pulse) (commission report) bomb, a major disruption in the electrical or transportation grid, or in the event that our traditional food or water supplies become contaminated.