More Than Double Your Family’s Annual Net Cash Flow

money-163502_640And In Many Cases Your Net Cash Flow Will Be 5 Times More Than What It Was Before The Plan

It’s all a matter of math.  You move from being asset-rich and cash-poor to having highly diversified and liquid investments paying you tax preferred income – without paying capital gains tax.  We call this Breaking the Capital Gains Lock.

When you couple the asset transition (growth assets to investment assets) with the ability to reduce or eliminate taxes when the property is sold, the result is Nirvana – Little Tax, Great Cash Flow.

capital gains lock2Remember

Through the proprietary Family Chateau Tax Planning process we will help you reduce or eliminate taxes:

Receive an Unlimited amount of Income Tax Deductions, usable up to 50% of your annual AGI starting this year, and every year for the rest of your lifetime.

Eliminate all Capital Gains Taxation on the sale Stock, Real Estate, Family Business Interest, or Other Property, no matter how large the gains might be.

Eliminate all Estate Taxes, on estate values ranging from $10 Million to $10 Billion.

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